Brian Bolen is a Los Angeles based Music Producer, Singer/Songwriter, and Author with over 20 years of experience in the Music Industry. In 2009, Bolen had a series of UFO sightings and strange experiences which led to multiple encounters, including missing time. Since then, Brian has devoted himself to the subject of UFO’s, Government Coverups, Mind Control, Occult Symbolism and Social Engineering within the Music Industry.  Bolen seeks to create a "Breakaway Civilization" for a new Music Industry for Independent Artists, one that is focused around creativity and inspiration without Occult Influence.


    Since 2002 Bolen has been writing, recording, producing and performing with many bands and music artists in a wide range of styles.  TV appearances include: “The Simple Life” with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, as well as writing the “Road Rules Challenge” theme song on the E Channel in 2007.  Brian has worked with many up- and-coming artists as well as award winning artists; with one of his artists receiving “Album of the Year” by the Academy of Western Artists in 2017. Brian is the owner of Bolen Sound Productions located in Culver City, California, he is the producer/engineer at his studio working full time with bands and music artists.


    In 2015 Bolen hosted a Podcast and YouTube Channel called “Humanity Awaken Radio”, with friend and colleague Phil McNamara.  The show discussed a wide range of topics including UFO’s, Consciousness, Mind Control, and Government Coverups.  Notable guests included Laura Eisenhower, Barbara Lamb, Michael J. Murphy, and Jordan Maxwell.  


    Bolen is currently co-writing and producing up-and-coming new music artists, as well as performing in his Metal band “Idol Worship”. Bolen hopes to convey the message through his music, that we live in a culture where the worship of Celebrities has become an unhealthy obsession, to the point where we regularly call them “Idols". This (unknowingly for most people) is a form of Satanic Practice, according to Bolen; he feels a strong need to encourage people to get to where we can start loving and accepting ourselves; as well as the importance of stopping to seek outside validation from Celebrities, Trends, or other people.  It’s time we start seeking empowerment from within.  In 2019 Bolen authored his first book called The Illuminati-Music-Industrial-Complex: Volume 1 - Social Engineering.  Bolen seeks to speak publicly through live events and radio interviews to get this message out to the masses.